All gadgets are non-requestable, but can be checked out by any
Upper Hudson Library System Cardholder in good standing. Visit us today!

3D VR Headset

Turn your smartphone or mobile device into a gaming machine with the Pasonomi VR Headset. You can play amazing games, or watch 3D movies in your own private cinema.
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Actron Automotive OBD II Code Reader

This gives you the ability to quickly determine the cause behind that pesky “Check Engine” light. This device reads DTCs  from the on-board computers of 1996 and newer OBD II-compliant vehicles.
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Birthday in a Backpack

These themed backpacks contain many fun activities for you to host your own birthday party at home! Combine with our folding tables, and you have a complete party.
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Board Games

There’s no greater joy than ordering pizza and gathering with your friends and family to own them at board games. Check one out with your library card!
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Cake Pans/ Cookie Cutters

Use our cookie cutters and cake pans for your next special occasion! Don’t buy that cakepan you’ll only use once – borrow from us instead.
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Our friends at Western Turnpike Rescue Squad (WTRS) have assembled two kits filled with everything you need to learn CPR techniques.
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Echo Dot

Connect the Echo Dot to wifi, download the free app, and you’re ready to go!  You can use your voice to listen to music, or even control your Smart Home. Try “Alexa” today.
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Fishing Poles

Check out everything you need for a great fishing trip with your young ones!
We’ll give you everything from the lure and hook, to a list of fun fishing spots.
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Folding Tables

Use your library card to borrow a folding table for your next party, garage sale,
or family gathering!
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Go Pro

GoPro helps people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others through incredible photos and videos.
We circulate 6 GoPros and 1 GoPro with dog harness, so you can strap a camera onto your pup!
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Kill A Watt EZ Power Meter

Watt solutions is an energy detector that calculates electric usage and cost of household appliances to help you understand and reduce your energy bill.
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Metal Detectors

Metal detecting lets the whole family play along at finding buried treasure! We circulate two adult-sized metal detectors and a junior-sized version.
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Museum Passes

Check out one of our 21 museum passes to gain free or reduced admission access to numerous local museums! Call for availability.
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Storytime Kits

Educators and parents alike can check out a themed storytime kit to perform storytime right in the comfort of your classroom or home.
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WiFi Hotspot

If you’re going on a trip and don’t want to blow through your data, check out a Wifi hotspot! We have 10 pocket-sized WiFi hotspots that will grant you internet access just about anywhere in the US.
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GPl Gadgets Access WiFi anywhere you go.
GPL Gadgets Discover Treasure!
GPL Gadgets Amazon Echo
GPL gadgets 360 degree panoramic video VR glasses compatible with iPhone or Android
GPL Gadgets GoPro Capture your Adventure