Q: Where can I find information about passports?
A: Please go to this website:

Q: Can I renew my passport?
A: Yes, passports can be renewed, in person or by mail.

Q: Is an appointment required to submit the passport application?
A: Yes. Walk-ins are not available.

Q: When are appointments available?
A: One-hour appointments are available at GPL Monday through Friday, 10:00am-3:00pm.

Q: How can I schedule an appointment?
A: Appointments must be scheduled a minimum of 24hrs in advance by calling 518-456-2400, option ? or in person at the library.

Q: Are separate appointments required for multiple people in a family or group?
A: No, a family or group may apply at the same time. Please note that when scheduling the appointment.

Q: What forms are needed for the Passport Application?
A: Three forms are needed:

Q: Where can I get the necessary forms for the Passport Application?
A: Forms are available online at, and in person at the library.

Q: Will the library take my photo?
A: Yes, we will take your photo for use with your passport application, but not for other purposes.

Q: Can I provide my own photo?
A: Yes, you can provide your own photograph. The Passport Application Acceptance Clerk will determine whether the photograph you provide will be acceptable.

Q: How much does it cost to apply for a passport?
A: Two separate payments are required: $130 for the U.S. Government Passport Application Fee, and $50 for the Guilderland Public Library Application Acceptance/Execution fee (including the photograph). Children have different fees. Expedited shipping will incur additional costs.

Q: How can I pay for my passport application?
A: Payment of the $130 US Government fee must be made by a separate check or money order payable to the US Department of State. NEITHER CASH NOR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD ARE ACCEPTABLE. Payment of the $35 Guilderland Public Library passport processing fee and the $15 photo fee (if needed) may be combined and paid by credit/debit card or by check/money order payable to Guilderland Public Library. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Please call us at 518.456.2400 ext. 2 with further questions, or to make an appointment.


Updated 10.3.2022