Guilderland Public Library has an immediate opening for a Full-Time Administrative Assistant for the Administration Department.

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT – for the Administration Department
Full-time – minimum 35 hours per week

Annual Salary: $60,000-65,000

If interested, please contact Sarah Schmidt via email.


Employees in this class perform specialized paraprofessional, non-librarian duties independently within prescribed responsibilities and under the supervision of the Director, Assistant Director and other Librarians. Incumbents act as a point of contact for the administration, the board of trustees and the general public. For the administration and the board, the incumbent functions in a highly confidential capacity to perform financial recordkeeping, prepare research reports and memoranda, maintain/digitize files and records, write correspondence, record meeting minutes, process mail and manage an inventory of supplies. For the general public, the incumbent organizes special events, coordinates library programs and is responsible for all library meeting room applications and reservations. The incumbent will regularly use of library catalog software and specific event scheduling software. They will make flyers, and digital marketing materials and update the website and social media. They also may act as a phone receptionist, making referrals as needed. Does related work as required.
• Make flyers and marketing materials;
• Updates the website and social media;
• Prepares memoranda, research reports and maintains files for the Library Director, administration and the board of trustees;
• Utilizes library catalog software to extract information required by the administration;
• Coordinates all library meeting room applications and reservations using specialized Evanced software;
• Organizes special events and coordinates library programs for the public;
• Maintains, organizes and digitizes library records for retention;
• Acts as the initial point of contact for the administration and board of trustees and any other library communication;
• Writes basic correspondence;
• Performs basic financial recordkeeping and maintains daily cash receipts;
• May act as a phone receptionist and initial point of contact for all library related questions, referring more complex questions to a Librarian or appropriate departments;
• Records and transcribes board of trustees meeting minutes;
• Processes incoming and outgoing mail;
• Monitors, maintains and orders supplies as needed;

• Performs various administrative tasks in a highly confidential capacity as assigned by the Library Director.

• Thorough knowledge of principles, practices and policies of library services and office management;
• Thorough knowledge of office terminology, procedures and equipment applicable to clerical library work;
• Thorough knowledge of common office software programs used for word processing, spreadsheets and databases;
• Good knowledge of digital marketing software, website maintenance software and social media posting processes;
• Good knowledge of library catalog software and event scheduling software;
• Good knowledge of business arithmetic and English;
• Ability to represent the library to the general public with tact and courtesy;
• Ability to do library research;
• Ability to follow oral and written instruction;
• Ability to prepare written reports;
• Ability to troubleshoot and solve problems that commonly arise in a library;
• Ability to get along well with subordinates and others and to secure their cooperation;
• Physical condition commensurate with the position.
EITHER:  Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university AND two (2) years of clerical experience in a library setting OR two (2) years of paid experience in graphic design or digital marketing.
Candidates must meet the minimum civil service qualifications in order to be considered for the role.
* This is a civil service position. There is currently no active list for this position, therefore the successful candidate will be considered a provisional appointment until a civil service test is taken and passed at which time the role will be considered permanent.
Juris. Class: Competitive ACCS Adopted: 9/16 Revised: 7/23

If interested, please contact Sarah Schmidt via email.

Thank you for your interest in employment at Guilderland Public Library! We proudly serve the town of Guilderland and its surrounding residents as a part of the Guilderland School District. GPL hires from the Albany County Civil Service list. For listings of current open positions in Albany County, please visit the Albany County Department of Civil Service.

Sarah Schmidt, SHRM – CP
Guilderland Public Library Personnel Administrator
2228 Western Avenue
Guilderland, NY 12084