Print from the comfort of your own home.

Print virtually any document from your internet-connected device! Our printer will store the document for up to 72 hours.
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How does it work?

From a computer:

Visit our Princh Portal. Upload a document from your personal computer or device.ย  Be prepared to enter your email address in order to retrieve your document at the library printer.

If you want to print more than one copy, there is an option to do so after you upload your document to the Princh Portal.

The final step is accept the Terms and Conditions of your print job.
On the final screen there are three progress dots.ย  When all the dots areย  green your print job is complete.

To confirm receipt, you can call 518-456-2400, or simply ask at the reference desk.

Printing via email

Via Email:

You can also print from any device by sending your document to our designated email addresses. The email address will change depending on the size and format of your document. Please reference the list below for all available options.

Complete list of email addresses for printing:

Most common –

  • Black and white, single-sided, letter sized document (portrait) =
  • Color, single-sided, letter sized document (portrait) =

Less common –

  • Black and white, double-sided, letter sized document (portrait/long edge) =
  • Color, double-sided, letter sized document (portrait/long edge) =
  • Black and white, single-sided, legal sized document (landscape) =
  • Color, single-sided, legal sized document (landscape) =
  • Black and white, double-sided, legal sized document (landscape/short edge) =
  • Color, double-sided, legal sized document (landscape/short edge) =


Black and White: $0.10 per printed side (double-sided will be $0.20)
Color: $0.25 per printed side (double-sided will be $0.50)

Payment is made when the print job is released at the library printer.

The printer accepts cash, credit card, and mobile payment (Apple/Android Pay).

Document Compatibility

Most common documents such as PDFs, Word, Excel, JPGs and the like are compatible with Princh.ย  Here is a complete list of compatible documents.