Requests, Renewals, and Returns

Borrowing Materials

You may check out up to 75 items at a time with your Guilderland Public Library card.

Library materials may be borrowed for the following lengths of time:

Material Type

Bestseller Books

Bestseller DVDs

Library of Things, Launchpads, Views

DVDs, Video Games

Museum Passes

New Books, Books, CDs, Audiobooks, Periodicals, Children’s Books, ESOL, Nonfiction DVDs

Loan Period

2 weeks

1 week

2 weeks

1 week

3 days

4 weeks

Renewing Materials

You can renew Library materials in these ways:

  • By using our online catalogue. Access your account to renew items, see what’s out on your card or monitor your requests by clicking on My Account
  • Emailing our Access Services department at Ask Circulation
  • Calling our main line at 518-456-2400 x2


Automatic Renewals

Automatic renewal is a feature which renews eligible items that are checked out two days before the item is due. If the item was successfully renewed you will receive an email notice to inform them that their item has been renewed, and will now be due at a later date. The new renewal date is based on the original checkout date.


Library materials can be renewed except in the following circumstances:

  • There is a request on the item
  • The maximum renewal limit on the item has been reached
  • There is an outstanding balance on your account of $5 or more
  • Your library card has expired


When are materials considered late?

All library materials must be returned on or before their due date. Initial due dates are listed on receipts received at checkout. Due dates extended through the renewal of eligible materials are available by accessing your library account for renewals performed online or by phone or through new receipts issued for in-person or self-service checkout transactions.

Overdue materials may be subject to late fines.

The Library offers courtesy alerts to cardholders who have provided a valid e-mail address on their patron record. These alerts are sent by e-mail as an item approaches its due date for the original checkout. Subsequent courtesy notices will not be sent out for items that have been renewed.


Where can I return Library materials?

The Library offers universal returns; most circulating material can be returned to any Upper Hudson library location. Likewise, pickup of holds and payment of fines and fees may take place at any library location.

For your convenience, the Guilderland Public Library offers a number of book drops which are available 24 hours.

Fines and Fees

The Guilderland Library is now Fine Free

We no longer charge late fees for overdue items. You will still be notified of overdue items by telephone or e-mail. Items that are not returned will be declared lost. Cardholders are responsible for the full cost of lost items.

You can pay any fees in the Library or online via My Account:

Log in to My Account and pay fees online.

Material Type

  • Books
  • CDs & Audiobooks
  • Periodicals
  • DVDs
  • Video Games
  • Library of Things
  • Launchpads/Views

Fine Amount (per day)


  • Museum Passes


Items checked out from library locations other than the Guilderland Library may be subject to overdue fines and fees even if returned to the Guilderland Library.

Borrowers are responsible for the replacement cost of library materials that are declared lost. The Library will not accept replacement of the actual item. Once the Library receives payment for a lost item, the item becomes the property of the patron.

Borrowing privileges will be suspended for cardholders with fines and fees totaling $5 or more.


Helpful hints

  • When you borrow library materials, you receive a receipt, a printed list that tells you when each item must be returned. Keep this list as your date due reminder, until all items are returned. Always check your receipt to ensure that you return items by their due dates.
  • If you lose your list, you can see what items you have borrowed and when they are due back by checking My Account, by calling us at 518-456-2400 x2 or by emailing the Access Services department at Ask Circulation.
  • Make it a habit to check My Account online from the Library’s catalogue. This shows exactly what you have borrowed or placed on request, what is overdue, and lists any outstanding amounts owing.
  • Returns – You can return materials to any Upper Hudson library. Book drops are available at all libraries.
  • Bestseller items are popular and high-demand items, available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Borrowing times are shortened and there are limited renewals on items.


Payment Method

You can pay your fees in the Library or online via My Account:

Log in to My Account and pay fees online

Online fine payment is handled via PayPal and the Library does not retain the credit card information of its users. Payment may be made on all accumulated fines or for individual items. Note that a minimum fine amount of $1.01 is required to use online payment.

Fines can also be paid at the Guilderland Public Library with credit/debit card, U.S. Postal money order or personal check. Money orders and checks must be made out to The Guilderland Public Library.

Fine payments can be mailed to the Guilderland Public Library:

Guilderland Public Library

Attn: Access Services

2228 Western AVE

Guilderland, NY 12084

To facilitate processing, include your library card number in the note/memo field of any check or money order mailed.

Renew Your Card

Renewing Your Card

You can renew your library card by visiting the Guilderland Public Library. You will need to show your library card and pay any outstanding charges on your account before it can be renewed. Cards are renewed for three years.

If your library account is in good standing at the end of each year (you owe less than $5 in fees and have no overdue materials), and you have used your card in the last 12 months, and you have an email address in your account record, your card will be automatically renewed in our system, and you will not need to visit the Library.

Forgot your PIN?

Resetting Your PIN

PIN defaults are set to the last four digits of the primary phone number we have on file (example: a card with the phone number 518-456-2400 would have a default PIN of 2400).

If you need to reset your PIN and have provided the Library with a valid email address you can use the link through the catalog to reset your PIN. A link with instructions on changing your PIN will be sent to the email address on your account, giving you a brief period of time to update your information. You must select a 4 digit numeric PIN, with no repeating or obvious characters (e.g. 1234 or 2222).

If you have not have provided us with a valid email address, you may visit an Upper Hudson library location with valid identification to have a staff member create or reset your PIN for you. Your PIN cannot be changed or confirmed by phone or email.

Replace a lost or stolen card

Replace a Lost or Stolen Card

A library card is like a credit card. If it is lost or stolen, report it right away. Anything signed out on your card is your responsibility until the card is reported missing. If your card is lost or stolen, inform the library immediately. You have three ways of notifying us of a lost or stolen card:

  • call 518-456-2400
  • email Ask Circulation
  • visit to your nearest Upper Hudson library to report the card lost