Henry Heckelbeck Makes Super Slime by Coven, Wanda
Penny & Pip by Fleming, Candace
Love From Bluey by Brumm, Suzy
Pizza by by Paige Towler
I'm A Garbage Truck by Shealy, Dennis R
We, the Curious Ones by Bauer, Marion Dane
Boys Don't Fry by Lee, Kimberly
Laolao's Dumplings by Liu, Dane
Buster Gets Back On Track by Earnhardt, Dale
A Gift for Nai Nai by Ung, Kim-Hoa
Soren's Seventh Song by Eggers, Dave
Barky Boats
The House With 100 Stories by Iwai, Toshio
Waiting for Tomorrow by Yoon, Susan
Wish Soup by Written and Illustrated by Junghwa Park
Colors of the National Parks by Sourcebooks
José and Feliz Play Fútbol by Rose, Susan
I Drew A Heart by Sze, Gillian
I'm Going to Build A Snowman by Awan, Jashar
Coyote's Wild Home by Kingsolver, Lily
The Lost Year by Marsh, Katherine
Tenzing Norgay by Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel
Lila Greer, Teacher of the Year by Beaty, Andrea
Betting On You by Painter, Lynn
Sisters Ever After by Leah Cypess
Hanukkah Upside Down by Weissman, Elissa Brent
The Secret of Lillian Velvet by Moriarty, Jaclyn
The Outsider by Davidson, Danica
Goodbye by Words by Megan Madison & Jessica Ralli
Some Cats by Nichols, Lydia
Cupig by by Claire Tattersfield
To Dogs, With Love by Written by Maria Gianferrari
The Young Jedi by Juhlin, Emeli
Lego City 5-Minute Stories
My Dog and I by Tortolini, Luca
The Secret Life of Mothman by Peterson, Megan Cooley
Who Was Betty White? by Rau, Dana Meachen
My Little Sweet Boy by Duff, Hilary
The Super Mario Bros. Movie by by Michael Moccio
Ganesha's Great Race by Patel, Sanjay
The Secret Life of the Kraken by Harper, Benjamin
Phở Ở Đâu Ngon Tuyệt? = by L. A. Dinh
Maggie Lou, Firefox by Dufour Bowes, Arnolda
Dragon Masters by Written by Tracey West
Mine! by Fleming, Candace
10 Kisses Before Bedtime by McLean, Danielle
Children of the Phoenix by Oskar Källner
On the Line by Written by Jennifer Jones and Lissette Norman
I'm Going to Be A Princess by Written by Stephanie Taylor