The Unexpected Light of Thomas Alva Edison by Arroyo, Raymond
A Wild, Wild Hanukkah by Gershman, Jo
Bridges by Majewski, Marc
The Beatles by Sipi, Claire
Boyogi by David Barclay Moore
I Ship by Kelly Rice Schmitt
Christmas Swim
Water Everywhere by Atkins, Jill
Jerry, Let Me See the Moon! by Ebbeler, Jeffrey
Sometimes When I'm Worried by Serani, Deborah
A Monster Truck's Day by Sabelko, Rebecca
Cape by Johnson, Kevin
City of Stolen Magic by Pathak, Nazneen Ahmed
Ella Fitzgerald by Pinkney, Andrea Davis
Class Trip by Munsch, Robert N
Rock Your Mocs by Goodluck, Laurel
The Masjid Kamal Loves by Franklin, Ashley
Okra Stew by by Natalie Daise
The Hospital Book by Brown, Lisa
Twisters by Hayden, Kate
Dance by Mitchinson, Christy
The Christmassy Cactus by Ferry, Beth
Animals In Pants by Levinson, Suzy
My First Ballet Book by Castle, Kate
Quiet Time With My Seeya by Dabarera, Dinalie