Decide Your Destiny

What: Do you have what it takes to survive Ancient Egypt? You decide what happens!

Who: Designed for everyone ages 8+

What: Travel back in time to April 14, 1912 to try and stop the Titanic from sinking!

Who: Designed for everyone ages 8+

What: A squire needs your help to stop an evil sorcerer so he can participate in

the tournament! Do you accept the quest?

Who: Designed for everyone ages 8+


What:You receive a distress call from humanity’s first colony on Mars. Can you help your fellow earthlings save their station from destruction?

Who: Designed for everyone ages 8+

Escape Rooms

What: Can you go back in time to New Year’s Eve 1999 and stop the Y2K

computer bug to save the future? Try this virtual escape room by yourself or

gather your friends and relive the late 90s.

Who: Designed for everyone ages 16+

What: Will you escape or fall overboard as you try to make a connection that could be your next soul-matey. A splash of awkward first date situations full of puzzles to solve … what could go wrong? Take a step aboard and see if you can survive this round trip Singles Cruise.

Who: Designed for everyone ages 16+


What: A combination of Trivia and Bingo!
All of the questions are about oceans, cruises, ships, vacation, and more.
Spell out O-C-E-A-N to win!

Who: Designed for all ages

Instructions: Look in the upper left corner of each slide for the Bingo call number (ex: O7).
Then, answer the trivia question.
To get “Bingo”, you must get every question correct that you used to fill your Bingo board!
This game is best with 15 Bingo cards in play.

Where can I get Bingo cards?Download up to 30 cards for free using