There are three Trustee positions up for election on Tuesday, May 15, and there are three declared candidates: Barry Nelson, Michael Marcantonio, and Nareen Rivas. Their biographies and statements on why they are running for the Library Board are below.
For information on the Library’s Proposed 2018/2019 Budget — also to be voted upon on Tuesday, May 15 — please click here.

Barry Nelson


Mr. Nelson is a 43-year resident of Guilderland, and has three adult children and six grandchildren. He holds a BS in Clinical and Social Psychology from SUNY Albany, and is retired from his career as a Budget Analyst, Personnel Administrator, and Health and Safety Officer for New York State. He is a Past President of the Friends of the Guilderland Free Library, and continues his 30 years of service as a Volunteer Fire Fighter with the Westmere Fire Department.
Mr. Nelson’s statement: As Health and Safety Officer for New York State, and as a Volunteer Fire Fighter, I am especially attentive to safety. As a Trustee, areas in the Library I’d work to improve safety are:
• Parking Lot: Driving lanes are one way, but the only markings are pavement arrows which cannot be seen at night or in rain. “One Way” signs would increase safety,
• Overflow Parking Lot: It’s very dangerous walking to and from this lot with vehicles speeding on Mercy Care Lane.
Most critically, while the Library has smoke detectors, it has no sprinkler system. In the event of a fire, the absence of such a system could result in a major fire which a sprinkler system could contain. Without a sprinkler system, books be will lost, and employees and patrons would be at significant risk.

My budget, fiscal, and systems-analyst experience will also help improve the Library.


Michael Marcantonio

Mr. Marcantonio is married, has two adult children (both educated through the Guilderland Central School District), and has been a Guilderland resident for 33 years. He holds a BS in Accounting Management from the College of St. Rose. He retired from Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in 2014, after 36 years of service.
Mr. Marcantonio’s statement: I would like to thank the community for this chance to serve them on the Board. Identifying community needs is the biggest challenge I would face in this role, along with providing programs and working with other organization to meet those needs.
For many years, I was on Guilderland’s Zoning Board of Appeals. I am a member of the Advisory Council for the Guilderland YMCA, and have participated in several organizations in the town and school district with my children. As a Trustee, I would use my experience in building bridges within the community to help our Library succeed in the 21st century.
I believe a public library is ultimately a place for our children to learn and grow. With excellent leadership, superior communication skills, and plentiful resources, we can continue to make the Guilderland Public Library a place for our community to develop. I welcome this opportunity to be a part of it. Thank you.


Nareen Rivas

Ms. Rivas is married and has two boys; one attends Guilderland Elementary School while the younger is in preschool. She and her family have lived in Guilderland for six years. She holds a BA in English Literature from SUNY Oswego and a Master’s in Special Education from CUNY, The City College of New York. She is a stay-at-home mom, but before that she had a eight-year career as a teacher in New York City, working in special education. Her last position was an Evaluation Coordinator for the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.
Ms. Rivas’ statement: I can’t believe almost a whole year has flown by since becoming a Trustee. As a novice, there was a lot to learn, such as budgeting and how the library functions, but along the way I have had nothing but support from my fellow Trustees, and encouragement from in the community. Serving as a Board member has solidified all the reasons I wanted to run in the first place; not only do I continue to admire all the wonderful programs the librarians put together for the patrons, and continue to be in awe of how much information in readily available to us just by owning a library card, but there is no better way for me to serve my community than to help make the Guilderland Library into an integral place for future generations.

For information on the Proposed 2018-2019 Library Budget, please click here.

Posted April 23, 2018